About Bramerix Trading LLC

Bramerix Trading LLC is a Direct Sales organization that represents businesses by establishing a successful outsource sales team.

Bramerix’s Culture:

Team Work: Take care of one another, our customer, and the company

Positive Attitude: At Bramerix we hire the attitude and train the skill

Respect: Every employee should respect others how they would want to be respected

Be a Leader: Our employees should feel empowered to take initiative

Quality: We believe in partnering with great companies and providing excellent service

Recognition: We value our employees and will recognize their hard work

Work-life Balance: We believe in having balance in all areas of our lives

Make a Difference: We strive to make a difference in others’ lives as we make a difference in our own

Bramerix’s Vision:

To be the most acclaimed company in direct marketing, the most valued partner in business, and the most sought-after company for employment.

Our Door Is Always Open for new businesses and employees to join our team!

Bramerix Trading is a direct sales organization serving clients throughout the US.

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